We provide C.E.P.S.™ contracting services to companies operating in the following industries:
Sugar, chocolate and flour confectionery

Chocolate, chocolate products, candy, dragee, caramel, marmalade products, toffee, marshmallows, waffles, biscuits, muffins, rolls, puff products, crackers, cakes.

Bakery and pasta

Shaped breads, bakery products, bread, crackers, russian bagells, croissants, pizza. Long and short cut pasta, special pasta, lasagna, couscous

Flour-and-cereals and sugar

Flour and cereals from grains of wheat, rye, oats, corn or other cereals, sugar (sucrose), maple syrup, molasses.

Meat products

Meat semi-finished products, canned meat, sausages, dumplings

Fish products

Integrated engineering projects for the production of all types of fish products: fish semi-finished products, canned fish, smoking fish (hot and cold), freezing, cooking fish oil, fish meal.

Preservation of vegetables and fruits

Canned fruit and vegetables, vegetable semi-finished products, vegetable and berry blend

Fat-and-oil products

Unrefined and refined vegetable oils, mayonnaise, margarine products (spreads, margarines, special fats)

Milk products

Milk, cream, cheese and cottage cheese, butter, milk powder, condensed milk products, milk protein concentrates, ice cream, dairy products

Baby food

Infant powder, cereals, fruit, meat and vegetable purees, adapted dairy products

Tea, coffee, beverages

Tea, coffee, soft drinks and mineral waters, juices, alcoholic beverages

Pet food

Dry and wet food: pates, canned meat

Processing industry

Enterprises of other processing industries


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